Something Important Not Happening Fast Enough?

Maybe it's time for Candor.

what we do

We help organizations effectively mobilize and attack critical marketing, innovation, and growth opportunities so they can reach their maximum potential, faster.

You have strong leadership. A killer team. Deep institutional knowledge. A pulse on the market. So why do you have a list of critical initiatives that aren’t happening fast enough?

Is process getting in the way? Are responsibilities clear? Are you sure you’re focused on the right objective?

Influenced by years of experience advising, supporting and leading distressed, time challenged brands, Candor offers unique approaches and processes are specifically designed to cut through the clutter and provide candid, actionable assessments of what is necessary to capitalize on opportunity quickly and efficiently.

We have experience accelerating progress in the following areas:

Brand Strategy
Product Innovation
Marketing Optimization
Customer Experience Mapping
Long-Term Growth Planning
Margin Optimization
Resource Organization
External Partner Evaluation

Tell us what you need to happen faster.

how we do it

“Lack of candor blocks smart ideas, fast action, and good people contributing all the stuff they’ve got. It’s a killer.”


—Jack Welch

As may be evident by our name, we couldn’t agree more. Candor breaks down barriers, breeds honesty, builds trust and accelerates momentum. But sometimes you need help bringing candor to the process, not to mention navigating the revealing truths that come from it. Candor activates thinking, unleashes new energy and helps identify a path forward the entire organization can get behind passionately and confidently.

Consultants? We identify more as Catalysts. Less about telling you what we think and more about helping you harness your knowledge and align resources in a way that accelerates progress toward success RIGHT NOW.

our approach

A wide range of experiences bound by a few common beliefs.


The Candor team has worked with dozens of brands that span virtually every business category, operating structure and competitive position. And while each challenge has is unique, we believe progress toward success can be accelerated and maintained by adhering to the following Progress Acceleration Principles:

Be Principled
We are a service organization. Committed to getting to work and helping you advance your business forward.
Be Practical
We have to truly understand your business. At the end of the day, if we are to help push the boundaries of what’s possible, we must know where they are.
Be Provocative
We will challenge the status quo. Within the collective intelligence of your organization is the recipe for groundbreaking opportunity and we’ll help you recognize it.
Be Productive
We are committed to actionable outcomes. The path to accelerated progress must be clear and confidently achievable.